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Dr. Jacques Jospitre, Jr.

Psychiatrist  Adult Psychiatry



My approach to psychiatry is simple. I look at your life thoroughly; from your DNA up through your relationships. Problems in any of the layers of life can cause mental health issues. Once the areas of concern are identified, I will construct a treatment plan to address it. My approach comes from years of working through challenging patient cases as a provider, and personally being on the receiving end of overlooked issues in my own care. I cannot promise to have all of the answers, but I can promise to help you gain insights into the areas of concern in your mental health.

I make judicious use of medications according to the APA guidelines and also consider endocrine and nutritional factors impacting your mental health.

My talk therapy approach is eclectic, with insights on: managing the stress of school, work or money; wealth issues; working in finance; race issues; or being a business owner.


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