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Walker Clarity Centre

- Bringing The "Care" Back To Mental Health -

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**Out-Of-Network Disclosure: As of 8/1/18, Walker Clarity Centre does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or any other insurance. For rates please see the Services & Rates page of the WCC website.**

Founded by D'Loreyn Walker, M.D., The Walker Clarity Centre is a small, out of insurance network practice offering boutique psychiatric consultative services. Our clients are adults, children, and teens who feel stuck or unable to achieve their full potential because of difficulties caused by their mental health. The Walker Clarity Centre shows individuals how to use medication and therapy resources to overcome these obstacles and achieve success while reclaiming their forward momentum. To accomplish this process, the practice offers both psychiatric consultation appointments and resources for individual education. Serving the Chicago and Naperville suburbs by bringing the "care" back to mental health - one mind at a time.

- Introducing Dr. D'Loreyn Walker -
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After more than a decade of helping others in the area of mental health, my clients tell me that I've helped them get "unstuck", move past obstacles caused by their symptoms, and regain control of their lives. They say that I help them take less medicine and explain how their medications improve their lives. My client's say that I give them the time they need to think through their challenges, and I help them brainstorm potential solutions. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to serve. Let me know if I can be of help to you.
I'm a Board Certified General (i.e. adult) and Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist. I use an integrative approach combining education, evidence-based medicine, and minimalist application of medicines to get clients the results they're seeking for their lives, relationships, and emotional health. To do this, I avoid prescribing cannabinoids and benzodiazepines.
My practice is a direct payment (i.e. out of network) mental health consultation service with sessions by appointment only. Walker Clarity Centre provides an individualized treatment strategy for every client. We specialize in assisting individuals with complex stories and care needs. Contact us to learn how we can create positive change for you today!


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