We are a uniquely designed website of professionals singularly committed to the effective employment of communal resources to address the unfulfilled needs of the residents of the community from which we originate. Our subscribers are distinctively competent, proficient, and experienced in the conditions, implicit biases, and cultural oppositions to mental health wellness. Thusly, we call upon our intrinsic understanding of our culture, cross-referenced with educational excellence and professionalism, to avail our skills and expertise in service to our community. Our subscribers are empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, discerning, and ideally-suited to serve you.

How We're Serving You

Prescribers of Color is a mental health directory created for, and dedicated to, people of color. We allow prescribers from all across the country to post pertinent information about their practice and specialty, to provide credible options for potential clients. Our prescribers are culturally competent, socially affable, and academically-suited to meet the needs of all people of color. If you are experiencing difficulty finding a prescriber in your community, check Prescribers of Color. It’s where prescribers go to meet clients!


Take the worry out of finding the right prescriber for your needs. You can view your prescriber’s credentials, professional information, and services provided, all on one site! All the information you need is at your fingertips!


Our expansive list of prescribers have verifiable credentials! They have received accreditation from institutions of higher learning and demonstrate their professionalism and acumen through years of serving their communities. Our prescribers are board certified, licensed professionals ready to meet your needs.


There are no risks involved in joining Prescribers of Color. Display only the information you want to potential clients. Customize your page and promote your the unique content of your practice.


Using a PayPal account, debit or credit card, Prescribers of Color allows you to securely subscribe and list your practice among the vast array of other professionals. Your information will not be shared and payments will be automatically deducted monthly according to the subscription you have selected.

Service Providers History

Explore Prescribers of Color and choose from hundreds of prescribers in your local are who look like you, understand your culture, and can identify with your everyday experiences. We provide access to board-certified mental health professionals able to meet your mental health needs. View their credentials, specialties, hours of operation, and availability, all in one site! Check us out for all your mental health needs.

Goals for the First Year

At Prescribers of Color, we strive to provide a one of a kind opportunity for our local community residents to identify, communicate, and experience healthcare from a familiar resource. In our first year, Prescribers of Color endeavors to become the primary directory and premier source for our racially diverse prescribers. Expanding our impact and influence to typically underserved cities and states where our multi-ethnic residents live and work, Prescribers of Color aims to promote culturally-competent care from knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Cultivating relationships and increasing visibility within our community, Prescribers of Color will weaken the stigma of mental illness and advocate for mental health wellness.

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Prescribers of Color allows you to securely subscribe and list your practice among the vast array of other professionals.

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