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Juandalyn Peters, M.D.

Mental illnesses are treatable. There is help.


Are you happy with your life: your career, your relationships, and the way you feel about yourself? If not, then it may be time for us to talk. I can help you to overcome problems with sadness, worrying, stress and difficult past experiences that are holding you back. Whether you are a child, adolescent or adult, a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation can help determine the cause of your struggles. Then, we will work together using talk therapy and/or medications to help you get back on the road to a happy and successful life. Compassionate care will help you get there!
Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders. I am Board-certified in both General (Adult) Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Having trained at the University of Miami and Duke University Medical Center, I am well-equipped to help you to heal.
As a medical doctor, I can provide you with the benefit of getting your evaluation, talk therapy and medication management all in the same place. I offer skilled and compassionate help, which is available during evening hours to avoid you/your child missing work/school.



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Psychotherapy $0.00 Visit

50-minute appointments for talk therapy that helps identify ways of thinking about and responding to traumas and other difficulties in life that are ineffective or painful, and to learn healthier ways of coping. The goal is to help you discover peace and happiness, and live your best life. If medications are a part of the treatment, these are also managed during this 50-minute appointment. A psychiatric evaluation is required before first psychotherapy appointment.

Medication Management $0.00 Visit

30-minute appointment for evaluating response to medications. It involves discussion of what is working or not working, side effects, prescriptions for labs to monitor response, etc. There is also typically education about non-medication/natural ways of managing symptoms in addition to medications. A psychiatric evaluation is required before first medication management appointment.

Psychiatric Evaluation $0.00 Visit

90-minute evaluation to help identify causes of symptoms, provide diagnosis and establish a plan for treatment.

For children and adolescents:
First 30 minutes is with parents/guardians alone; next 30 minutes is with the child/adolescent alone. Lastly, the family is seen together for discussion of diagnosis and treatment options.

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